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    The Polska360 Foundation was established in 2015 on the initiative of the families of soldiers of the Polish Home Army and former inhabitants of Polish prewar Borderlands, scattered around the world. We run large-scale cultural, educational and exhibition projects. We are the organizer of concerts, festivals and events popularizing the recent history of Poland. We carry out biographical notations of witnesses of Polish history. We preserve and share the multicultural historical heritage of the Republic of Poland as part of the digitalization project “Kresy Nieutracone”. We run a website for and about the Polish diaspora www.Polska360.org . We document and disseminate the fate of those fighting for the independence of Poland – www.bohaterowaniepodleglej.pl  We organize camps and educational workshops for Polish youth living outside Poland. We provide direct material aid to Polish families remaining outside the Republic of Poland, as well as political refugees from Belarus and war refugees from Ukraine.


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