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    Authors of the articles and biograms included in the Polish 2nd Corps Virtual Museum:


    Stan (Stanisław) Skrzeszewski was born to a Polish soldier and a Scottish mother who had both directly experienced WWII and who often discussed history, although they usually had opposing interpretations. Thus began Stan’s life-long interest in history and WWII. Stan’s life really began at university where he graduated with a BA in philosophy and literature and with a Master of Library Science.  He went on to work in public libraries and then morphed into a management consultant specializing in Internet strategies.

    Taking an early retirement Stan returned to university and completed an MA in philosophy. As a philosopher, he organized a long-running series of philosopher cafes – open discussions on varying topics. He also decided to become a writer and focused on poetry and history, before branching out into plays and short stories.

    Stan also serves as curator and chief researcher for the Orliński Museum in Mississauga, Ontario. As a historian, Stan focuses on a Polish-Canadian perspective bringing a unique lens to how this history is presented. He also specializes in presenting the stories of Polish veterans who decided to make Canada their home after WWII.

    Stan is married to Jantina and has two children. Mary Anne is an artist and horticulturalist. Michael is an outdoorsman and renovator living in British Columbia.  

    Aldona Jaworska, MA, MFA

    Aldona Jaworska was born and raised in pro-Soviet Poland and came to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, with her husband and three children, as refugees in 1990. Aldona obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Canadian Studies in 2012 and, in 2014, received a Master of Arts in Communication and Culture from the University of Calgary. Her research for her master’s thesis resulted in the book Polish War Veterans in Alberta: The Last Four Stories, published by the University of Alberta Press in 2019.

    In 2021, Aldona Jaworska was granted a Master of Fine Arts in Drama, specializing in Playwrighting, from the School of Creative and Performing Arts at the University of Calgary. As part of her theatre studies and further research of the Anders Army veterans in Canada, she wrote the play Remember Me (2021). The play depicts four stateless Anders Army veterans brought to work on farms in Canada, who, upon their arrival, found out that they were to replace the German prisoners of war who had been working there during the war.

    During her drama studies, Aldona wrote a theatre play – Ablaze, on Poland’s Anti-Zionist era in the late 1960s and a short play, Trophy, about her experiences in a pro-communist country in the 1980s.

    Aldona holds a Creative Writing Certificate from Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Toronto, Ontario (2016).

    During her studies, Aldona received the Queen Elizabeth II Graduate (Master’s) Scholarships in 2012, 2013, 2017, and 2018.

    She is a member of the Writers’ Union of Canada, a member of the Board of Directors and a secretary of the Alberta Playwrights’ Network, and a member of the Playwrights Guild of Canada Women’s Caucus.

    Starting in 2022, Aldona has contributed to the Virtual Museum of the 2nd Polish Army Corps.


    Lucyna Artymiuk is a second generation Polish Australian, the daughter of a Polish airman who arrived in the antipodes in 1948. She has been a member of the committee for over 15 years, the Vice President for over five years and is currently the interim President of the Polish Museum and Archives in Australia. She Is currently a history PhD candidate at the University of Melbourne. The topic of the thesis is the Polish migrant soldier scheme to Australia in 1947–1948. Her analysis of this unique migrant program is significant in that there has been no previous academic research on the topic and the acceptance of the 1,500 Polish military was a litmus test for the implementation of 1949 mass migration of non-British migrants from the displaced person camps of Western Europe to Australia during the post-war reconstruction era.

    Lucyna has been a prominent member of the Polish Australian community for the past 40 years, having been the Vice President of the Polish Community Council of Australia, and in the Executive of Polish Community Council of Victoria. She was active in various roles in the Eastern Districts Polish Association, being the founder of the community centre library, founder of the youth group and Secretary of the Association. She was active in Polish scouting and in Polonez.

    She co-curated the exhibition ‘Terra Nova’ at the Immigration Museum. In 2016 she authored her father’s biography ‘From Poland to Wherever in the world’ and curated an exhibition on the Polish soldier migrants ‘Destination Australia’ and authored the accompanying booklet. She is also a passionate researcher of her family history. She also designed the genealogy workshops which have been conducted in various cities in Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart and Brisbane.

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