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    Born: May 5, 1917, in Kuźmiszki, pow. Wilejka, woj. wileńskie, Poland

    Died: April 30, 2000 in London, Ontario, Canada

    Family: father – Feliks; mother – Karolina

    Married: Maria Makowska (August 28, 1924-March 21, 2010)


    Military Medals: Polish Medals: Cross of Merit with Swords (Krzyż Zasługi z Mieczami); Commemorative Monte Cassino Cross (Krzyż Pamiątkowy Monte Cassino); British Medals: 1939-1945 Star; Italy Star; Defense Medal; War Medal 1939-1945; SPK (Association of Polish Veterans) Medals: Silver, Gold

    Fates before joining Anders Army : Before 1939 he was a private with the 3rd Division Light Artillery, Wilno. In 1940, the Russians came one night and took his father and all the horses. That was the last time he saw his father. Stanislaw was taken to Siberia.

    According to Polish Institute of National Remembrance’s archives his father was arrested in September 1939, sentenced and sent to Siewierdożłag lagier in Siberia. Stanisław was taken as POW to Szepietówka Soviet POW camp on 17.09.1939 and later (on 5 October 1940) sent to Równe-Lwów Soviet POW camp. Released after “amnesty” on 02.09.1941 in Tockoje to Anders Army.

    Military history: After the amnesty joined the Polish Army in USSR under general Anders command on September 8, 1941. He advanced to the rank of Corporal with the 17th Lwow Infantry Battalion, 6th Brigade, 5th Kresowa Infantry Division of Polish 2 Corps. Stanislaw took part in the Battle of Monte Cassino and served through to Bologna. After Monte Cassino he was transferred to the 6th Supply Company, 5th Wilno Infantry Brigade.

    Post-War: He came to Canada from Italy by ship in 1946 and completed a 2-year farm contract in the Strathroy area. He moved to London after the farm contract in 1948. In 1950 he contracted TB and spent two years in the London Sanatorium. He worked at McClary’s, General Steel Wares and at Westminster Hospital as an orderly and as a barber. He loved the work there. He was known as “Stan the Barber.” He retired in 1972. 

    He married Maria Makowska at St. Mary’s Church, London, Ontario on February 15, 1950; they met when he went out to meet the girls working on the local farms.

    source of the biographical data:

    Stan Skrzeszewski, Canada

    based on „Pozostaną ślady dawnych dni” Książka Pamięci, Stowarzyszenie Polskich Kombatantów, Koło #2, Canada.

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