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    The World Polonia Council is a federation of organizations uniting the Polish diaspora and Poles abroad, established under an agreement to represent their common interests worldwide.

    Its task is to serve the Polish community and Poles abroad while remaining fully independent from economic groups and individual interests, based on democratic principles of mutual respect, political neutrality, and religious tolerance.

    The World Polonia Council is a continuation of the Co-ordinating Council of the Polish Diaspora of the Free World, which was established in 1978 at a Convention in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. After political changes in Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe in 1989, at a world congress in Rome in 1994, the name was changed to the World Polonia Council, extending its activity to organizations in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.

    Since 1989, changes in the political situation in Eastern Europe in part altered the role of the WPC. However, assisting Poland and Poles in various situations and needs remains its main goal.

    In recent years, in addition to representing the Polish community and Poles from abroad, the WPC has concentrated on promoting Poland’s achievements and defending the good name of Poland and Poles through various activities undertaken by its numerous member organizations.

    The Council is also the initiator of subsequent congresses of the Polish community and Poles from abroad, in which many people participate from various countries around the world.


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